David Bowie – The Man Who Sold the World


[1970] (Glam Rock)

I like this album more each time I listen to it. For a long time, my favorite Bowie album was Ziggy, and I still love that album, of course, but his other titles, like The Man Who Sold the World and Station to Station–albums I thought weren’t as good as Hunky Dory or Ziggy–are gaining ground in my estimation.

Bowie’s death hit me really hard, not because I’m a fanboy and “miss” him or “cannot live without him”. He wasn’t my friend or acquaintance, and I don’t miss him because his music lives on. I just love his music. I was actually talking about him with my wife while we were out shopping. We were just strolling, and I was going on about his peerless musical genius when a text came in from my friend which read “RIP David Bowie”. I just stopped in my tracks in shock. It was quite bizarre moment.

Over the next couple days, however, is when it really sank in. I am a deeply religious person, so I thought about Bowie–as I think about all who die–in regards to the afterlife. It’s been said that in Heaven “all that is not music is silence”. I hope Bowie hasn’t missed the music. His gift was profound, and I hope he can employ it in the Beatific Vision, wherein his mortal abilities were nothing compared to the immortal glory of the Unending Music.

RIP, Bowie.


One thought on “David Bowie – The Man Who Sold the World

  1. Though no album of Bowie’s will ever dislodge “Ziggy” for me, I completely understand and agree about “The Man Who Sold the World”. There are some Bowie albums that leave me cold (like “Aladdin Sane”), but the ones I love, I grow to love more and more.

    I, too, hope that he is not with the Noise and instead rests with the Music.


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