Rich Mullins – The Jesus Record


[1998] (Contemporary Folk, Contemporary Christian)

I actually have something to say! 🙂

This is a double album, the first disc being The Jesus Demos, the second The Jesus Record. Rich Mullins recorded the demos for the album in an abandoned church nine days before his death. A few artists got together and finished his project, and ten months later The Jesus Record was released, Mullins’ vision completed posthumously.

I have a lot of respect not only for the music on this album but the man behind it. The completed album is great, but the demos are, in my opinion, where it’s at. Therein we hear Mullins alone with his acoustic guitar and a tape recorder, and what comes out is rough-around-the-edges folk genius.


One thought on “Rich Mullins – The Jesus Record

  1. When I examine a work of art, I aim for a Formalist approach, looking at the work as a self-contained thing, without necessarily referencing the artist. This album works beautifully on that level, as the lyrics are achingly lovely and refreshingly deep.

    But when the art works on its own, knowledge of the artist can enhance the piece, and this album is perfect in that regard, too.


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